Advanced Manufacturing

Old, grimy manufacturing plants are becoming a thing of the past. Modern, “advanced” manufacturing is high-tech and full of opportunity for the future.

Technician with computer circuit board with chips. Spare parts and components for computer equipment. Production of electronics and maintenance. The concept of high technology.Advanced Manufacturing is one of the most visible trends in today’s career environment.

Although traditional manufacturing has declined in employment nationally, a dramatic surge is occurring in manufacturing that uses high technology. For those who are ready to pursue these fields, opportunities are growing and that growth is expected to continue.

Ford Motor Company’s Claycomo Plant is a good example of advanced manufacturing in the Northland. Other firms include Tnemec, a leading manufacturer of coatings and coating systems; PAS Technologies, a top provider of aerospace, oil, gas and industrial gas turbine markets; Industrial Springs Corporation, a custom manufacturer of high-quality mechanical springs and formed metal products; Magna LMV, automotive manufacturer; and Holland 1916, which manufactures everything from touch screens to radio-frequency identification (RFID) software and hardware.

Many see advanced manufacturing as a major economic driver of the future provided enough adequately trained workers are available. Communities that can meet that challenge have opportunities to increase jobs and business growth.

In this region, nearly 2,000 companies are expected to offer more than 80,000 manufacturing jobs by the year 2022. The average annual salary in these fields is currently more than $70,000.

Here’s an outstanding video on the LMV Training Center that illustrates some of the opportunities available in the Northland and how to access them.