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Welcome to the Careers of the Northland, the website designed to inform high school students and their parents about the amazing career opportunities in new technologies – opportunities that are available today in Kansas City’s Northland. This site was developed by students in the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) and is designed by students for students. Its purpose is to give high school students, including those who are not going to college, a place to learn about jobs and career opportunities in the Northland.

Our first area involves Advanced Manufacturing, a rapidly growing sector that draws on innovative technology to improve products and processes. In businesses ranging from auto manufacturing to data management; advanced manufacturing is adding valuable career opportunities ever day.

The next sectors include Information Technology (IT) and Healthcare. Like Advanced Manufacturing, these fields are also changing dramatically because of the enormous range of new technologies, processes, and other factors. Again, what may be most notable are the many career opportunities that are developing here, today!

Check out these categories to get you started!

Advanced Manufacturing

Information Technology


Northland Opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing

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